Download USB Flash Memory Security Software for Windows

"Kioxia" refers to Kioxia Corporation on this page of this website.

Kioxia announces the release of a new version of the security software (hereinafter, referred to as “this new Security Software”) on this website for Kioxia USB Flash Memory as follows:

You will need this new Security Software to use the Kioxia USB Flash Memory “USB2.0 TRANSMEMORY U202 Series” and “USB3.0 TRANSMEMORY-MX U361 Series” ("the Products") on Microsoft Windows computers. Kioxia will keep you posted on updates through this website. Please keep checking this website. Please read carefully the End Users License Agreement before downloading, installing or using this new Security Software. By beginning to download, install or use this new Security Software and/or its associated documentation, from a disk package or by other means, you indicate that you agree with the terms of this agreement.

If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, you may not download, install, copy, or use this new Security Software.


Customer support for the old Security Software (TransMemory_Secure3.exe) has ended on August 31, 2017.
The users of the old Security Software (TransMemory_Secure3.exe) are requested to download and install this new Security Software (SecuritySoftware.exe).

New and Old Software Comparison

  New Security Software Old Security Software
Software Name SecuritySoftware.exe TransMemory_Secure3.exe
Supported OS

Windows 8.1,

Windows 10 Version 1809/1903/1909

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1,

Windows 10 Version 1511

Encryption Yes (Encryption Algorithm AES 128bit) No
Compatible Products TransMemory U202, TransMemory U361
Manual N/A
Download N/A

Important Notice

Before downloading this new Security Software (SecuritySoftware.exe), please disable and delate the old Security Software (TransMemory_Secure3.exe) saved in your computer and/or your Kioxia USB Flash Memory. If you install this new Security Software on your computer without disabling the old Security Software “TransMemory_Secure3.exe”, the area secured by the old Security Software “TransMemory_Secure3.exe” will become inaccessible. 

How to disable the old Security Software before installing this new Security Software

Click herePDF (PDF:119KB) for how to disable the old Security Software (TransMemory_Secure3.exe) before installing this new Security Software.


Do not restart or shutdown your computer while downloading.


For the set up procedure, please read carefully and follow the "Manual for Security Software Installation" you have downloaded.

  1. Unzip the downloaded zipped file "".
  2. Double-click on the unzipped file "SecuritySoftware_Inst.exe". Then a dialog appears.
    Follow the dialog to set it up.
  • Before starting to install the Security Software, insert your Kioxia USB Flash Memory into a USB port of your computer and close all the other applications running on the computer.

Operating Environment

You need a computer with a USB port and the following OS to use a USB Flash Memory driver.

Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Version 1809/1903/1909

KIOXIA Corporation has ended support for Windows 7 because Microsoft Corporation in the United States has ended the support.

  1. No other OS than Microsoft Windows supports the Security Software.
  2. You need administrative privileges on your Microsoft Windows computer to use the Security Software.
  3. If you forgot your password on your USB Flash Memory, you will not be able to sign in the protected area.
    You cannot detect the forgotten password. If you forgot your password, you can format your USB Flash Memory and set up a new password. If you format your USB Flash Memory, all the data saved in your USB Flash Memory will be deleted. If you use a format command to format your USB Flash Memory, only the free area will be formatted and the protected area will not be formatted.